Water & Sewer
Utilities Department open from 8:00am – 2:00 pm.

(732) 446-9469

Water/Sewer Clerk ext. # 210
Email: watsewer@englishtownnj.com

Englishtown Borough is only one of a few remaining communities that continues to operate its own, self-contained water system. The water supply comes from two artesian wells, located within the Borough. One is 600 feet deep and the other is over 390 feet deep. The system has the capacity to pump and filter a maximum of 200 gallons of water per minute. The only chemicals added to the water are chlorine, at NJ DEP controlled levels, and lime, which is used primarily to maintain the ph of the water. Two anthracite filters are used to remove any impurities and much of the natural iron content in the water. The water mains, all 5 miles of them, are kept clean with a semi-annual flushing program.

Two water storage towers, one located on West Dey Street and the other on Harrison Avenue, hold a combined total of 450,000 gallons of water. These tanks serve as the systems back-up storage and pressure regulator. An interconnection with Gordon’s Corner Water Company is also available in the event of an extended failure of the system.

We are very proud of our water system and the quality and purity of the water. Residents are urged to call Borough Hall or one of your council representatives with any comments or complaints.

Residential and commercial water usage is determined by standard water meters, generally located within each building. Remote electronic digital meters (or “Homers”) have also been installed outside each residence, allowing for convenient, unattended quarterly reading of meters by the Water Department. If you feel your water usage has suddenly changed without explanation, please call the Water Department at Borough Hall and we will investigate the problem. It is an owner’s responsibility to repair any problems we uncover with the interior plumbing of a building.

Billing Schedule:

Quarter Ending  Billing Date  Payment  Due Date
Oct. – Dec.  1/15 30 days
Jan. – Mar. 4/15
Apr. – June 7/15
July- Sept. 

Note: The Quarterly Water & Sewer charges are combined on one bill. Failure to pay either charge when due may result in the discontinuance of water and/or sewer service and a $100 reconnection charge.

Quarterly Water/Sewer Rates:

Sewer: $129.00 per quarter, per EDU, effective 6/1/2016
Water: $65.00 for the first 10,000 gallons used per quarter, effective 10/1/2016
$6.00 for each additional 1,000 gallons used per quarter

NEW TAXPAYER PROGRAM: Taxpayers now have the ability to have Property taxes and/or Water/Sewer Utility bills paid by using the banks Automated ClearingHouse (ACH) system. THERE IS NO CHARGE FOR THIS SERVICE. If interested, please complete this form: ACH Form and return with a VOIDED CHECK to the Tax Collector’s Office.

Remember…hot summer temperatures always increase the demand for water. Please try to use water conservatively when using it for summer activities…Every drop counts. In the event we find it necessary to reduce water consumption in order to protect the stability of the system and the health and safety of the Borough’s residents, we will notify all residents via notice board outside of Borough Hall, this web page or posted in local newspaper.