Officials & Committees

Mayor Thomas Reynolds

The Mayor is responsible for enforcing the ordinances of the municipality and general laws. The Mayor reports annually to the Council and the public on conditions and requirements of the government as well as recommends action to be taken by the Council as he may deem in the public’s best interest. Should you have any areas of concern that you wish to bring to the Mayor’s attention, please contact the Office of the Municipal Clerk 732-446-9235 ext.#215.  Email Mayor Reynolds


Borough Council

Wayne Krawiec

Wayne Krawiec

Chair: Public Buildings and Grounds Committee / Co-Chair: Legislative, Insurance and Licenses

Eric Mann

Eric Mann

Chair: Public Utilities / Co-Chair Public Buildings and Grounds Committee; Phone: 732-446-9235 Ext. 254

Cindy Robilotti

Cindy Robilotti

Chair: Admin, Finance, Technology / Co-Chair: Public Utilities Phone: 732-446-9235 Ext. 255

William Lewis

William Lewis

Chair: Public Safety / Co-Chair Admin, Finance, Technology / Chair: Police Commissioner Phone: 732-446-9235 Ext. 253

Email Councilman Lewis






Daniel Francisco

Daniel Francisco

Council President. Chair: Code Enforcement & Public Health, Welfare & Public Events / Co-Chair: Public Safety Phone: 732-446-9235 Ext. 251

Meaghan Lewis

Meaghan Lewis

Chair: Legislative, Insurance and Licenses / Co-Chair: Code Enforcement & Public Health, Welfare & Public Events

Borough Clerk

Christine Robbins (Interim)
Municipal Clerk
Office Municipal Clerk Office
732-446-9235 ext.#215
732-446-4979 (Fax)
Email Borough Clerk

Sylvia Eryan-Hawileh
Chief Financial Officer
732-446-9235 ext.#214
Email CFO

Laurie Finger, R.M.C.,
Deputy CFO/Deputy Municipal Clerk
732-446-9235 ext.#214
Email Deputy CFO/Deputy Municipal Clerk`

Borough Professionals

Joseph Youssouf, Esq.
Municipal Attorney
Email Borough Attorney

John Cantalupo, Esq.
Municipal Bond Council

Robert Allison, C.M.P.A.
Municipal Auditor

Thomas A. Herits, P.A., P.P.E.
Municipal Engineer
Email Borough Engineer

Unified Planning/Zoning Board

  • Chairperson:  Wayne Krawiec
  • Vice Chairperson:  Keith Mandato
  • Secretary:  Celia Hecht
  • Board Attorney:  Daniel H. Green, ESQ.
  • Board Engineer:  Thomas Herits, P.E.P.P., P.L.S

Board Members

Thomas Reynolds, Class l Official:

Jim Mastrokalos, Class II Official:

Cindy Robilotti, Council Rep.:

Thomas Kirkland Class IV Official:



Board Members

Deena Mann IV Official:

Jerry Leonardis Class IV Official:

Wayne Krawiec Class IV Official:

Keith Mandato Class IV Official:

      oard Members

      Arun Swami CLASS IV Official:

      Laure Roth Alternate 1:

      Patsy Fierro Alternate 2:


      Civil Rights Policy
      It is the policy of the Borough of Englishtown to treat the public, employees, prospective employees, appointees, volunteers and contractors in a manner consistent with all applicable civil rights laws and regulations including, but not limited to the Federal Civil Rights Act of 1964 as subsequently amended, the New Jersey Law Against Discrimination, the American with Disabilities Act and the Conscientious Employee Protection Act.