Dear Friends and Neighbors of Englishtown:

It is with great pleasure I announce the launch of our new Englishtown Community Development Newsletter!

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We had our first committee meeting, and the Community Development Committee is proud to announce during the month of MAY, the committee will be planting butterfly and pollinating flowers around the Main Street Area and the Town Hall Parking Lot.

As initiative to help beautify the main street area. The committee has been approved by the Mayor and Council for planters and  perennials!  Perennial flowing plants come back every year, and are low maintenance. Planting these specific plants will keep maintenance and costs and a minimum for the Borough, and they came back on their own every Spring!  he Community Development Committee anticipates the plantings to begin on May 14th, 2022!

Are you interested in joining Englishtown Community Development Committee?  The only experience your passion to make Englishtown a better place!

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Lauren Roth, M.A.
Community Development Chair
Facebook: Lauren Roth