Borough  Clerk



   Peter Gorbatuk, R.M.C., Municipal Clerk  ext.#215

Laurie Finger, R.M.C., Deputy Municipal Clerk  ext.#214


This office is responsible for maintaining all minutes and records of Borough Council proceedings; publishing, preserving and compiling ordinances and resolutions; preparing and archiving minutes of all public meetings.  Minutes of the current year's meeting or archived meetings can be found on this website by clicking on the corresponding links.

The town clerk is also responsible for assuring the residents respond to the U.S. Census.  The results of the 2000 Census can be accessed here.

The Office of the Borough Clerk has custody of all official books, papers and documents of the municipality on all matters to be considered by Council. While maintaining custody of the Borough seal, bonds, deeds and leases, this office conducts elections, issues permits, registers voters and issues all Borough licenses, including alcohol*, marriage, dog* and cat licenses.


* Alcohol licenses expire annually on June 30.


* Dog and cat licenses must be renewed by June 30 of each year.  Licenses are $17.00 for each pet, $14.00 if neutered/spayed.


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