Municipal Budgets

The Municipal budget constitutes the legal authorization to levy taxes and spend public funds. Municipal Budgets control the financial operations of the municipality. Local government manages its operations by conforming to the revenue and appropriations budget for that year. Municipal Budgets dating back to 2007 can be viewed by clicking the links below.


2021 Budget      2020 Budget

Municipal Audit

The State of New Jersey requires an annual audit to be performed by a Registered Municipal Accountant (RMA) pursuant to N.J.S.A. 40A:5-4. The purpose of the audit is to review and give an opinion on the financial statements of the municipality.

Municipal Annual Financial Statement

The Annual Financial Statement is the Unaudited Financial Reports of the municipality as of December 31st.

Municipal Annual Debt Statement

The Annual Debt Statement is a true statement of the debt condition of the municipality as of December 31st and is computed as provided by the Local Bond Law of New Jersey

Should you need a copy or request to see prior year Municipal Financial Documents please contact the Municipal Clerk @ 732-446-9235 or email

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