Administration & Finance


Lori Cooke, Chairperson
Cindy Robilotti
, Co-Chairperson

The administration, finance and personnel committee shall have primary responsibility for the following described activities and matters:


1.    The examination, review, and approval of all vouchers prior to their submission to the Council for authority to pay same.


2.         The administration, practices, procedures, and records as established by Council of the following:


                   a.  The administrator/clerk and his/her office

                   b.  The treasurer and his/her clerk

                   c.  The tax collector and his/her office

                   d.  The water and sewer clerk and his/her office

                   e.  The court administrator and his/her office


3.         The coordination of departmental budgets, the preparation of budgetary figures relative to the activities above-mentioned.  The final preparation, explanation, and continuing supervision of the entire municipal budget.


4.    The maintenance, review, and revision of the Borough cost system and  

       balance of appropriations.


5.    Primary responsibility for the recruitment and recommendation of personnel for position within the Borough Municipal Government and review of Borough personnel policy manual as needed.


6.    The review of maintenance, inventory, and security procedures for equipment for equipment and records of the Borough Offices.


            7.     It shall also serve as the liaison between the Council and the Municipal Auditor, and with any

                    other body or organization on fiscal matters.